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The Future is Too Bright

By: Chris Tews, Kelmscott Communications


What do you get when you put 10 college students and a professor in a press room? A lot of energy and a glimpse into our future. Judging from the enthusiasm and talent in the group, I am confident in saying that we are in capable hands.

Graphic design students from Indiana Wesleyan University came out for a field trip on a beautiful Saturday morning. They listened well, asked good questions, and enjoyed seeing how the files they create on their monitors are converted into printing plates, press forms and finished work. They especially enjoyed the chance to climb up our 63-inch, 6-color UV offset press!

Looking down from our second floor deck to take their photo, I realized that this picture is a perfect snapshot of our future. The printing industry is in good hands. These young up-and-coming professionals are looking up and ahead to their future. They are creative, energetic, engaged, fun, dreamers, strategic, thoughtful, hopeful and ready to add their voice to an exciting brave new world!

They don’t accept the past or the now; they ask questions like how?, when?, what if?, could we? Their questions challenge me to push myself further. We are in good hands if these young creatives are our future in the marketing communications industry!

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