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Making an Impact with Direct Mail

Dean Petrulakis     LinkedIn     Twitter

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Rider Dickerson

Every day the average American receives over 3,000 messages- that is a huge amount of information each day! We are constantly bombarded with text messages, billboards, T.V. and radio commercials, online ads, etc. The average person remembers eight of those messages each day.   In order to get your message heard and remembered it is important to stand out.  Because digital media can sometimes be diluted with so many messages, the use of print in your marketing campaign can help your message be heard and stand out in the clutter.

In 2013, The Target Marketing Media Usage Survey found direct mail delivers the strongest ROI out of all media channels. (printinthemix) According to the study, customer acquisition for direct mail was 31.3% and customer retention was 37.5%. Incorporating the use of direct mail in your marketing campaign may help to have your service or product be remembered. In today’s society, Millennials (people who are between the ages of 18-33) make many purchasing decisions.  Knowing how to target them correctly is imperative.  While one would think that since they are constantly on their phones or connecting via social media, that would be the way to get their attention.  If it is done in the correct way it could be but according to a study found in Deliver Magazine, 75% of Millennials would prefer to be contacted or sold to via direct mail.  This is because they are on their phones and social media channels all day that when a well-done mail piece arrives to them it captures their attention.  Like I mentioned before, it is all about standing out so any old postcard or letter just won’t do.  You need to invest in quality creative and targeted messaging.  More important, you need to make sure your mailer is sent to the right person at the right time.

With that in mind, there are ways to spice up your direct mail without breaking your budget.  One way to grab your target’s attention in the mail is with the use of color.  While most of the mail that comes to your house is in a white window envelope, just by adding color to that envelope can instantly help you stand out.  This is also true with postcards.  While everyone receives hundreds of junk mail postcards each year, many of which don’t get read- with great design and minimal copy and a strong call to action you have a better chance of getting noticed.  Another way to standout is through the use of personalization.  Everyone likes to feel that the messaging relevant to them.  In fact, they expect it today!  There’s simply too much data out there for you not segment your list and target folks more effectively. pURLs (Personal URLs) can be added to mail pieces to drive recipients to an engaging online experience.  By using personalization correctly, messaging and creative can have more of an impact on individuals.  It is important to always have a call to action with each piece of mail you send so that pieces are not just being sent for the sake of being sent.

With any marketing campaign it is important to track the success of the pieces.  Our SmartTrack technology allows marketers to do just that.  We can manage various pieces and see when they arrive in recipient’s mailboxes and can schedule a follow-up email or text to remind them to check their mail.  In addition if the direct mail piece is personalized with a pURL our technology can track that pURL and see when the targeted person visits their personalized microsite experience.  It is a great way to track the piece and see how well it did. We can provide the client with real time dashboards so that they can monitor and respond to leads in a timely manner—helping them convert leads into sales more efficiently.   With many people investing in digital technology and throwing print to the way side, it is important to see how print still plays a huge role in the marketing mix.

Direct mail has been a primary channel of marketing communications for decades and will continue to be in the future.  You may have noticed that you receive less magazine and printed inserts in the mail than you did years before.  Personally, because print pieces are rare and if they have a good message, they tend to make more of an impact than 1 of the 500 emails we read each day.  If you are looking to stand out it would be a great idea for your next marketing campaign to invest in “smart” direct mail and really connect with your target audience.

Dean Petrulakis