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Making a Splash with Mobile Marketing

Dean Petrulakis     LinkedIn     Twitter

Senior Vice President, Business Development

Rider Dickerson

In today’s marketing world there are many different channels to choose from when trying to get your message out.  In the past year Mobile Marketing has become one of the most talked about channels.  With everyone attached to their mobile devices all day long, mobile marketing is a great choice to capture your audience’s attention.  It has been said that a person’s mobile device is the one thing they could not live without.  According to a recent survey conducted by Nokia, it found that looking at their phone is the first thing many people do each day – as they use its alarm function – and is also the last. In between, phones are used to check the internet, read emails, take photos as well as to make calls and send texts.  With individuals being this attached to their mobile phones, mobile marketing has been a great channel to get your message out to your target audience.

It has been found that 93% of SMS text messages are opened within 4 minutes of sending!- that is a fabulous open rate! On average, users check their smartphones close to 150 times or every 6.5 minutes during a waking day of 16 hours!  Using mobile as a part of your marketing campaign can help drive a higher response rate. While mobile alone will not drive response rates and interactions, when coupled with other media channels it can be a very persuasive and powerful tool.

Mobile marketing is not limited to only sending text message reminders; it can be utilized through QR Codes, promotional coupons, links, videos, etc. There are many great use cases of how to successfully use mobile marketing. One example of using mobile marketing strategically in your marketing mix is Red Bull.  They recently launched a mobile media campaign that drove potential customers from a US Weekly Mobile Ad to the company’s mobile site where consumers could learn more about the product.   Red Bull has been able to showcase its new products and drive more traffic to it website through this mobile ad. To read the full article on how Red Bull used mobile media in its marketing campaign click here.( )  

Another marketing campaign that Rider Dickerson ran which included mobile marketing was CRAIN’s Chicago Business Vision 2013.  CRAIN’s Chicago Business ran a cross media marketing campaign that incorporated print materials, the CRAIN’s website, and QR Codes leading to a mobile optimized microsite. Through the use of QR Codes, we were able to drive the audience to the mobile experience.  Visitors were able to download the chosen article directly to their mobile device. There are many other ways that you can incorporate mobile into your marketing campaign such as event reminder texts, promotional text messages, links to microsites, coupons, videos, and many more.

One mobile marketing campaign that we ran in the fall was for Robert Morris University.  The integrated strategy for the RMU Camp College Campaign was composed of variable postcards to 21,000 students containing a text short code, “CampRMU”, which will respond with a link leading students to a landing page experience. The postcards also included a URL and QR Code leading students to the landing page incase students could not receive text messages. On the mobile- optimized landing pages students were asked to fill out a form to schedule a visit to attend Camp College. With most high school students attached to their cell phones, using SMS texts to help students sign up for a visit day worked out great!  

Whether you would like to start with a simple SMS text message incorporated in your marketing campaign such as a text for an event reminder or if you are ready to dive in to mobile marketing with a more elaborate mobile campaign similar to the Crain’s Vision campaign there are many different levels of involvement.  For your next marketing campaign there are plenty of ways to incorporate mobile marketing with any budget.  If you have questions regarding mobile marketing, would like more information on the case studies or where to get started, I am happy to have a conversation.


Dean Petrulakis

Rider Dickerson

Senior VP Business Development