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Not Just a Trend

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Rider Dickerson


With the World Cup going on right now, seemingly everyone has jumped on the bandwagon and become an overnight soccer fan.  In the United States, soccer (futbol) does not have the enormous fan base or the notoriety it has in the rest of the world, yet a few weeks ago over 25 million people tuned in the watch the United States play Portugal.  Crazy!  While I understand that everyone is excited and wants to support their country, which I am all for, will this new found notoriety stay or will the MLS go back to having its die-hard fans and that’s about it? The reason I bring this up is our society today is all about trends and jumping for the next big thing.  Take for example MySpace.  This social media site was the be-all end-all social media site ten years ago. Today, MySpace is obsolete compared to other social media sites.  This brings me to my point: the one form of communication that has not changed or been eliminated is print.

In the past few years, some marketers made the assumption that they no longer needed print and that all of their marketing could be done online. As the economy suffered and budgets got slashed, the kneejerk reaction was to cut the print budget and toss all the efforts and resources towards newfangled online marketing approaches.  Don’t get me wrong, online marketing has its place in today’s fast paced marketing world, but to ignore print is to risk having your message get ignored by your target audience.  The stats don’t lie—print works and can be the match that ignites the response rates you seek from your direct marketing campaign. Stats have shown that when print is the driving force and is coupled with email marketing, social media marketing, SMS text messages response rates are astronomically higher than when print is not involved.  According to MarketingProfs, 73% of consumers actually prefer mail over other advertising methods and 40% try new businesses after receiving a direct mail piece. Because everyone receives so many emails, tweets, updates, etc. and the internet is so diluted with garbage- your message may not get across.  Everywhere you look there is another ad, another spam email or post.  By the time your message (even if it is spectacular) gets to the correct person it may not make the impact you hoped for because of the media in which it was received.  Print; however, is tangible.  When you do receive a printed piece that designed well and has a thought-provoking message along with an email, the messaging will be much more difficult to disregard. Unlike many of the online marketing channels, while they can be extremely successful when used correctly, print is not a trend.  Print has been used successfully for years and now rather than replacing it because of the new technology, supplementing it with email, social media, etc. is the way to use it most effectively.  As I had stated in a post earlier, the key is to learn to put print to work for you!

This year we have completed many highly-successful, multi-channel campaigns that have included print.  The research and stats are out there.  While it may cost more initially, the return on your investment will be higher when print is involved.  Visit our website  and to see these case studies.