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Using Video in Your Marketing Efforts

This blog post is brought to you by our friend and printForum supporter, Jimmy Boratyn, President and Founder of Shot Time Productions Inc. Jimmy has expert knowledge and experience  working with video marketing, including doing lots of great work with Loyola University Chicago.


Marketing videos are finally cool. This wasn’t always the case. We live in an age when video is no longer the costly and time-consuming venture it once was. The Internet has created a way to make instant gratification and genius marketing strategies available at the press of a virtual button. Currently, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and the new visual medium gives companies hundreds of ways to utilize unique videos as their new platforms to brand and market their products.


Marketing videos allow us to share ideas and products in ways that were just not possible before the advent of the Internet. The first point I’ll address is hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo. With millions of people searching the web for endless bits of information and entertainment, adding your message to one of them (which is free) enhances your visibility. These types of video hosting sites even allow you to build a full page around your video so you can post links to your Facebook and Twitter sites as well as add messages about your brand and mission. Everything is connected, which means while people can access your social media from your hosted video site, you can also embed those videos on Facebook and company websites. Your client has direct access to you and your media.


Other options for sharing your video are email campaigns, websites, and digital handouts such as personalized flash drives with your branding on them. Using videos as part of your social media campaigns can add a level of excitement to your page.  According to studies, an average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. Sixty percent of consumers will spend at least 2 minutes watching a video that educates them on a product they plan to purchase. As the marketer, you also gain the advantage of putting a face to your product, which allows people to connect with your campaign on a deeper level. Some sites like Vine even allow for what is referred to as “micro-videos” to spread messages like viral wildfire. These 6-second videos are short, but they gain a large amount of attention if done well. If anyone hasn’t seen it, Michelle Obama’s Turnip for What vine (for her healthy eating campaign) is a perfect example of this. Here’s the link:


We as consumers and sellers and general Internet users are always striving for interconnectedness. When we find something we like, especially a video, we continue to revisit it. We show it to friends and family, and enjoy it over and over again. And if that video is posted on your hosting site with a link to your website, the video will stay there for as long as you want it to. Currently, videos have about a 4 year lifespan. In web terms, this is an eternity, since the average Facebook post will hold attention for about 3 hours. Not to worry, however, you can reuse the video in different ways! By putting together an email campaign, you can embed the same video again, or you can make a whole new video with a targeted message for that campaign.


Websites are also a place where these videos can be featured heavily. Whether you showcase them on your home page or in a designated video tab, these videos add a level of quality to your site. They allow you to educate and inform your audience. Consumers are smart. They’re well researched, and they seek out information before they purchase anything. If they are coming to your site to learn about a product, they will be more likely captivated and intrigued with a quality video. 


Lastly, I mentioned digital handouts, and this is a new, interesting trend. Advancements in technology mean more and more computers don’t actually have DVD drives, and many people are adapting-turning to streaming for television and movies. A short video can easily fit on a good flash drive (branded to suit you specifically) and be handed out at events as promotional giveaway preloaded with YOUR marketing video.


Recently, I heard someone mention that everyone is striving for a strong social media presence, which is incredibly important. What is also important, however, is that today we’re at the point where video is the new necessity for a company. A video’s versatility, shelf life, and the simple fact of being much more cost effective than they once were, all point toward the fact that in the near future, videos will be as indispensible as Facebook, Twitter, and other social media endeavors are to a company’s marketing and branding success.


Jimmy Boratyn

President and Founder

Shot Time Productions Inc.