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Free Education is Key to Loyalty

In today’s world, nothing is free. The ketchup or BBQ sauce that used to be included in your McDonald’s meal is now 25 cents in addition to your meal. The refills of your drink at a restaurant are also an additional charge. The extra bags at the airport, same thing. In a world where everything has an additional cost, we should want to give our clients something valuable for FREE. At Rider Dickerson, we settled on something we believe is extremely powerful.

We have worked diligently to create a platform that offers free education to our clients. Many of you know about printForum and may have even attended one of our events. While building our educational brand over the past six years, we knew that printForum had to be something that was free and that our clients would see the value in. Every day our social media profiles are pushing out free educational information to our followers. From white pages to educational articles on the latest trends, it is available at our client’s fingertips. In addition to our social media platforms, printForum also has its well-known bi-monthly educational magazine. Every other month Rider Dickerson mails out our free educational (no-sales) magazine to our clients for free. Every single one of our clients is eligible to sign up to receive our magazine. Furthermore, just this year, Rider Dickerson began sending out monthly, educational newsletters – eprintForum. Signing up to receive those emails is also, you guessed it, FREE.

Many of you may wonder why we provide our clients all of this amazing educational information at no charge. Well, Rider Dickerson has always believed in the importance of building loyalty and long lasting relationships. Besides, who doesn’t love something that is free? Just a quick example, every year Rider hosts its annual printForum conference. Over the past six years, 80 percent of those who have attended have been repeat attendees! That stat is amazing!! Not only do our clients see the value of our events, but many come back every year for more!

Providing free educational materials may not seem like a big deal, but to our clients who are interested in learning and who regard our company as a resource, it means a lot. Rider Dickerson is in such a competitive industry that bringing free education to our clients is another way we provide extra value. At the same time, we’re building loyal relationships with clients too. We are very proud of our belief in continuing education and see the value in being a resource for our clients. If you are interested in finding ways to add value to your clients, lets’ talk.

Megan Kucala

Business Development