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It’s all new, and it’s fold-tastic!

Trish Witkowski expands with folded samples, dielines and printed comps.

If you haven’t been to in a while, you’re going to want to make some time to check it out. Big things are happening at the company known for sharing creative folded formats on the popular e-video series “60-Second Super-Cool Fold of the Week.”

It’s been a big year for foldfactory—hitting a million views on YouTube, celebrating 300 episodes of “Fold of the Week,” and reinventing the business to meet the needs of their growing (and rabid) fan base.

“Over the years, we have received countless requests to help customers, not just with ideas and advice, but also with requests for dielines and samples,” states Trish Witkowski, founder of Foldfactory. “It was always so frustrating to tell people that we couldn’t help. However, we also knew that transforming the business into a real “folding factory” was going to be a gigantic leap that we couldn’t ease our way into. If we were going to do it, it would be all or nothing.”

Advancements in digital printing and finishing have made it possible to create many of the amazing formats that have been featured at Foldfactory over the years—and Foldfactory plans to get those formats out to the world as quickly as possible. With an aggressive plan to add new formats every week, Foldfactory launched in September with 24 “Super-Cool Folds™.” In October, they began releasing four new formats per month, setting an ambitious pace of 48 new formats per year. As of mid-November 2015, they already have 41 creative formats, including the Twist Fold, the Tulip Fold, the Circular Accordion, the 9-Panel Reveal, and much more. They will also periodically release special collections, including the recent Holiday Collection of 10 creative folded holiday card formats, presented by some very special holiday guests. Click here to see the Foldfactory Holiday Collection:

The site is designed to show off the creativity of the formats in an interactive way. Each format is in a bright 2-tone color scheme and features “magic hands” that appear to fold and unfold as you roll over them. Visitors can scroll down to download a dieline and order a blank folded sample. Then, upload your layout to order a digitally printed and laser-cut comp of your design.

Also new this Fall is a new membership program called “Fold Club.” This free subscription gives members unlimited access to Foldfactory’s award-winning (and addictive) FOLDRite template-building service – a service that, until now, has always been a paid subscription. Plus, members will get the inside track on new format releases and will receive the “ Fold of the Week” in their inbox every Thursday. Join now:

To learn more about Foldfactory, please visit the website:

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