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Our mission is to provide education and inspiration to help you deliver better results. We aim to be your resource for knowledge and innovative print solutions through our collection of educational articles and publications and via our thought-provoking and engaging seminars.

There has never been a more exciting time for you to use print as
part of your marketing mix. Visiting our new printForum website will keep you on top of the latest market trends as well as prepress, press and finishing technologies and techniques that will help you create more efficient and impactful printed pieces. Stay informed on the explosion of cross media direct mail campaigns and how this could affect your marketing spend. Learn about environmental issues and best practices for the use of “green” paper. It’s all here — and more!

When you think of education and innovation in the printing industry, think printForum. Our contributors are some of the most dynamic and resourceful companies in this industry. As our industry continues to evolve you can rest assured we will be the partner to provide you with the most current and practical information that enables you to perform your job at the highest level.

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