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On June 4th, we hosted our 5th Annual printForum event, Marketing 2 Millennials! At our event, we  had an educational presentation from The Folding Fanatic herself, Trish Witkowski!  In addition to Trish’s presentation, Marketing 2 Millennials, we will had a panel of millennials ready to answer questions and interact with the audience.  Making the event even more educational, we partnered with many industry leaders to bring you even more educational information!  To complete our event we provided a delicious lunch with round-table marketing opportunity. If you missed the event we have a video and photos from the day!



Our fourth printForum is in the books! We had a fabulous group of attendees who engaged with our thought-provoking speakers and amazing sponsors. This year’s event was a VIP invite only event for a select group of attendees who were invited to network with one another, listen to inspiring and educational presentations and learn from our sponsors.

The first presentation was from designer, Erin Huizenga who connected with our audience discussing “Design with Meaning.” Erin (@ErinHuizenga) gave us a look at the process she takes to get in the creative mindset to design. We saw what evokes the creative senses in Erin and she gave the audience ideas on how to find their own creative mindset. She challenged all the creatives in the audience to always ask the question “what purpose is this serving” when it comes to the projects and initiatives they take on.

Our second presentation featured the dynamic duo of Trish Witkowski (@FoldingFanatic) and Daniel Dejan (@danielatsappi) Throughout “Rock the Mailbox” Trish and Daniel gave the audience ideas on how to make their direct mail pieces stand out and engage the recipient. They covered everything from stats and trends on various mail pieces to creating designs and using visual tricks and opening techniques that will evoke emotion and get the message across. We saw examples of pieces that are different from the everyday mail piece that drove tremendous response rates! In addition, we saw how coupling direct mail with an online medium can create a greater impact on your audience. We even learned how print is truly multi-sensory when Daniel shared his experience with a direct mail piece that he actually tasted!

Our final speaker was author, director and comedian, Tripp Crosby (@trippcrosby). In his session “Creative, Productive & Satisfied” Tripp had the audience laughing and engaged before the presentation even began by showing his hilarious spoof video mocking conference calls. 
As an entrepreneur, Tripp showed the audience how he was able to make his ideas a reality through YouTube and other online mediums. A definite right-brainer, Tripp shared his advice with the audience on how they can become more productive while not losing hold of their strong creative side. He walked us through his journey, and he shared hysterical stories along the way. He even used his improv training in an interactive session where the audience created a band, named the album and title track and wrote and performed the song on the spot! Tripp’s main advice was to go after your dreams. If you have an idea- go for it. Commit to making it happen and don’t wait for the right time. Learn to live with failure and mistakes in the quest of pursuing your true passion. His message definitely resonated with the crowd.


Made You Look! Made You Buy! Webinar

There is a secret strategy that can have a significant effect on whether or not the mail you send gets a response—and that secret is engagement. There are many ways to grab (and hold onto) the attention of your audience, so we’re bringing you a power-packed, can’t-miss-it hour of engagement strategies and ideas that will bring new energy and improved response to your mail and cross channel campaigns!

Join Rider Dickerson on Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 1:30pm CST with special guest speaker, Trish Witkowski, The Folding Fanatic for the fantastic webinar “Made You Look! Made You Buy! The Secrets of Engaging Mail”

Register at

After a fabulous presentation at printForum 3 we have, direct mail and format expert Trish Witkowski of back to take you on a fascinating journey through a wide array of engagement techniques, including sampling and sensory effects, envelopes and opening mechanisms, creative formats, dimensional and hi-tech options, stamps and addressing techniques, object marketing and curiosity, paper and image tricks, personalization and much more. BONUS: Attendees will receive a FREE copy of Trish’s “Direct Mail Essentials” guidebook!

Click here to view the webinar recording.




It’s been 2 weeks since our wildly successful printForum 3 event in Chicago. We brought together nearly 200 clients and friends in the creative and marketing community for an afternoon of inspiration, learning and networking. We had quite a bit of fun as well!

As I think back on printForum 3, a few key things stand out in my mind from our impressive group of speakers. Trish Witkowski (@foldingfanatic), showed us how direct mail is still one of the most effective tools for attention grabbing, action sparking response driven marketing. Direct mail, when done right, has a way of emotionally connecting with customers in a way digital just can’t. It evokes feelings and inspires action.

Of course, what would a session with Trish be without some folding inspiration, as Trish walked us through her top 10 favorite direct mail pieces. Trish’s session wasn’t all about the creative aspects of direct mail. She shared hard hitting stats about response rates and covered key postal regulations, many of which have changed recently. Lastly, Trish drove home the point that all the cool and well designed direct mail in the world doesn’t matter if your list stinks. Data. Data. Data.

Scott Stratten (more popularly known as unmarketing) honestly stole the show. Scott had a room of 200 people laughing (in tears for many of us) for 1 hour. I describe it as marketing meets stand-up comedy– more of an inspirational rant rather than a keynote. Not lost in the hilarity of Scott’s talk was the overriding message: we need to be smarter about how we engage with our customers. The brand is not the logo (I’m laughing thinking about Scott’s logo rant!). The brand is the experience at every touch point within our organization. The sooner we realize that the better. I think there was something in Scott’s rant about QR codes as well—I think!

Scott has a massive following on Twitter (@unmarketing), and he was one of the early adopters of what I now consider to be my favorite social media channel. Scott talked about the power and the immediacy of social media, but he warned that if you want to play in the real time world of social media you better be prepared for a 24/7 job. He also said that Twitter has no ROI. Rather, being awesome on Twitter has an ROI. Want to go viral—then do something or say something worth talking about. That’s how you go viral.

Following Scott’s unforgettable rant we heard from an esteemed panel of Chief Marketing Officers as they addressed the balance of Art (brand awareness advertising) and Science (ROI driven marketing). Our panel featured Megan Bueschel of Mario Tricoci, Michelle Spellerberg of Sikich and Kelly Shannon of Loyola University Chicago. These 3 impressive women explained the challenges of running a brand while being tasked with driving and measuring numbers at the same time. The audience had the chance to get inside the panelists’ minds and ask questions. The insight shared was helpful to everyone.

We closed the afternoon with an interactive session led by the iconic Second City actors. “Funny Business”, as the session was titled, was meant to teach us how improv can make us better marketers, better sales professionals, and better overall in our professional and personal lives. We learned that listening is indeed an active skill (see aprior blog post I wrote about this—I firmly believe this). We also learned how saying “yes and” completely shifts the tone and flow of the conversation and can spark a new level of creativity in our organizations.

printForum is truly is our platform for educating and engaging our customers. The content we share in our event and throughout the year in our magazine, emails, webinars, etc.. is thoughtful and meant to challenge our customers to think differently. We accomplished that goal with printForum 3, and we now look forward to printForum 4.


Thank you to all those who attended our second annual printForum conference! The attendance rate and response from the attendees was awesome! The conference included 11 stellar education sessions led by some of the most knowledgeable leaders in the industry, an amazing keynote speaker, and a networking reception with all of our speakers, sponsors and attendees in our Solutions Center. We gave attendees the ability to choose from a vast array of education sessions such as Mobile 101, The 9 Second Attention Span, Direct Mail Recharged, Interactive Design, and many more! Our promise to attendees was that they would gain and inspiration, gain ideas for business growth and come away fascinated! Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received we can proudly say we came through on that promise!

The printForum conference focused on bringing innovative ideas to attendees, building community and inspiring business growth. To get the day started out right we were joined by keynote speaker, Sally Hogshead. Sally spoke to the crowd on the different triggers we use to capture and fascinate our audience. All attendees were asked ahead of time to take Sally’s Fascination Advantage test to determine what their primary triggers were. Later in the afternoon, attendees were able to meet Sally at a one-on-one book signing and learn about their personal triggers.

“printForum is like a candy store for the brain– filled with dazzling ideas, provocative trends, and creativity that comes in every shape and size.”- Sally Hogshead, Fascinate

Sally’s speech focused on understanding your personal fascination triggers and it resonated extremely well with all the attendees!

“I found Keynote, Sally Hogshead, to be both brilliant and engaging. In this ever-changing market, Sally addressed persuasion and fascination and how it’s critical to keep your client focused. As a creative myself, reaching a target in the most effective way is important-relevant content Sally addressed.” – Alisha Roeder, Graphic Designer

The conference was packed with many attendees who were eager to learn and who had the chance to expand their knowledge by attending 2 educational sessions. Attendees were able to choose their 2 sessions from a total of 11 different topics. These educational sessions gave attendees an inside look at the newest trends, technologies and ideas in the industry. While in the sessions, attendees were able ask questions, as well as share ideas with the presenters and other attendees.

“There is no other event like printForum in the Chicagoland area that provides such value, inspiration, education and networking opportunities to the marketing and design communities. Rider Dickerson is especially unique because no other marketing/printing services company has an educational event anywhere close to this scale and caliber. Those who were able to attend had the chance to participate and engage in the truly open, thought-provoking environment that Rider Dickerson has created.”- Brian Belluomini, GPA

We wrapped up the day with a networking reception in the Solutions Center. Attendees were able to interact with sponsors and speakers in the Solutions Center while taking in the beautiful views and enjoying tasty heavy hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Here is what some other attendees had to say about the conference!

“One of the greatest benefits of attending printForum is having access to marketing’s industry leaders. From the keynote speakers to the session leaders, they help you understand what is happening in today’s marketing place and discuss future trends. By attending printForum, you walk away with greater insight and more knowledge to do your job better.”-Mary Hackbarth, Senior VP, Director of Marketing


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