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“What Happened to Helping First?”

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I was speaking with my doctor recently, a man for whom I have a tremendous amount of respect.  He referred me to see a specialist about some allergies I’ve been struggling with.  When I told him this specialist had a policy that required patients to pay upfront and then get reimbursed by insurance after the fact he chafed!  He said “whatever happened to helping people 1st and taking care of the payment after the fact?”

Granted the healthcare industry has changed dramatically in recent years, and my doctor is what you would consider a veteran.  His ideals and views on patient treatment are to be commended.  He’s all about getting the patient well and worrying about the money later.  He built is practice on this philosophy, and I’m sure he’s received countless referrals over the years not only for his amazing medical abilities but for the compassion and empathy he shows for his patients.

It got me thinking about my favorite book again, “The Go Giver” Specifically, it got me thinking about the very 1st Law of Stratospheric Success—“The Law of Value.”  This law states “Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.”

I try to live by this law every day—in business and in my personal dealings.  But if we strictly focus this law on business, it’s quite simple: give more than you take from your clients.  Do you hold your clients to the number on every proposal and start drafting change orders the second you go over your budgeted amount of time on the project?  Or do you wow them and give more than what they expected?  Do you make it a point to blow your clients away with service that makes them compare every experience  with their other service providers to you?

It sounds cliché, but exceeding the client’s expectations will never go out of style.  It’s a surefire way to cement a long term relationship built on trust, empathy and mutual respect.  The client knows you have their best interests at heart, and when you give that extra bit of yourself and rock the client’s world you send the message that their long term business and loyalty is worth more to you than an alteration fee or change order and a quick profit now!

Don’t get me wrong—I’m not saying you should bankrupt your business and give away all of your services or never charge extra for something.  I’m simply stating that good enough should never be enough.  Give more in value than you take in payment.  Earn loyal customers, not satisfied customers.  It’s not hard to do.  It really isn’t!

So what’s your take on “The Law of Value?”  I’d love to know!


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